Friday, June 12, 2009

Summers First Harvest

The time has come for us to collect and eat the first fruits (or vegetables) of our labor. Mom and Sam and I have been working the family vegetable garden diligently lately. Though it is no model garden or anything you may see featured on HGTV anytime soon, we are quite proud of it. It is definitely an improvement over the past few years. This season, it appears that the green bush beans (I'm sure there is a more official name) are the winner of the first to be edible contest. These perfect, bug-scar free, beans are on the menu for Sunday dinner. I can't wait to have them sauteed in a little olive oil and fresh garlic or just plain boiled with a piece of bacon.

Next up in the garden is likely to be some tomatoes. Several of the eight varieties we planted are starting to show a little color. Some of my jalapenos are putting on a little weight as well. Stay tuned.......

Tomorrow: the livestock auction. The should be an interesting post on that forthcoming.

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