Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Referbishing of a Farm

The idea of this blog is to chronicle the reinvention of Bennett Farms in Rockmart, GA. I am of the fourth generation in my family to make use of this beautiful property, but the history of this homestead goes back much farther (more on that later). For the past ten years, the only agricultural use of the property has been hay production, but plans are underway to greatly expand the diversity and output of the small family farm.

The bulk of the aforementioned property belongs to my grandmother, Mary Ann Bennett, and is operated through a family partnership, of which I am the primary laborer. Other extended family members own other parcels that were part of a 1,000 acre purchase made by my Great-grandfather, R.O. Jackson Sr., in 1941. Some of the ventures currently happening on those properties are likely to get some attention here as well.

The labor that goes into maintaining a nearly 400 acre spread in the foothills of the Smokies can be a full time job alone, but the expansion of its usage will take many months and years. The exact path it will take is yet to be set in stone, but many ideas ans projects are underway. As these projects, both personal and for the farm as a whole are underway and completed, they will be documented here.


  1. Cone, was the first to comment hahahaha,

  2. Oh! I am so excited for you! Congratulations on your farm. It is beautiful. I wish you all the luck. I am a neighbor a couple of miles up the road from you. I think what you are doing is great.If you ever need anything, please contact me and my husband,thats what neighbors are for,and it would give me an excuse to view your farm. I want to buy eggs from you. I am a baker and am trying to use all the natural ingredients that I can. How much more local could I get than you? I am so excited! Stay in touch.